KeithDorscht.com is a place to fully engage with life. Welcome! Here we believe that life is experienced, shaped and enjoyed in the context of relationships. In order to experience life well we must engage fully in the relationships we are a part of.

Keith has worked with over 350 couples, restoring and repairing the damage and separation that occurs in relationships as part of living in today’s stress filled world. The Communication Cure is featured on KeithDorscht.com. Keith created this resource to provide individuals, couples and families the same if not better experience of communicating and relationship building that occurs in his office.

Visitors are encouraged to visit our Videos page to view carefully chosen videos which will educate, inspire and introduce you to organizations, products and ideas that will support your relationships. We want to hear from you so please take a moment to answer one of our polls. Your feedback will provide us with the information we need to present relevant help and resources.

Keith Dorscht is the Founder and President of Live Fully Engaged Ministries, an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, high impact organization. Primary activities include resource creation/distribution, speaking and strengthening relationships with a special focus on staff and  volunteers working in the non-profit sector.

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