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If communication in your marriage is a problem, if frustration is high and love is low, if trust has been damaged, if you feel alone…

I understand. Have hope.

I know how important it is to have the right person to help you navigate the complicated and confusing path (stormy waters) of repairing, restoring and strengthening your marriage.

I know that a single bad counseling experience can shut the door to one or both of you ever entering a counselor’s office again.

I know you cannot afford the time and the expense of ‘trying’ different counselors in hopes of finding a ‘fit’.

I know I can help your marriage, wherever it is today, become a marriage of mutual enjoyment, closeness and love.

At the root of my counseling is the person of Jesus.
Faith, Hope, and the Love of God.

These, and the Power of the Spirit and the Principles of the Bible are central in my approach to bringing heart level, brain based change to marriages.

If you and your spouse aren’t seeing eye-to-eye and you know things could be better…

It’s time for us talk.

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Rekindle the Passion. Fight Less. Communicate Better. Rebuild Trust.


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I have created The Communication Cure faith based resource to help couples and families develop the skills necessary to experience meaningful talk.

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I have spent decades in the helping profession, working in mental hospitals, with special needs individuals, in churches and counseling. You can trust me to handle your marital needs with sensitivity, understanding and compassion.

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